5 Problems: When You Plan an Event
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5 Problems: When You Plan an Event

This article is about planning events and the problems you may run into

The decision to decide on what you will need to do to plan your next event, the process of doing this can be rough. While it may not be the time to worry about the major problems, the most tiresome problems will be the smaller things as well. You will certainly find that quite a few of the most reoccurring problems will show themselves whenever you decide to plan an event. However the best part about these problems is that you will also learn a lesson for each new event that you attend.

One of your main problems will be that overwhelmed feeling that makes things seem too big or too bad for you to deal with. Sometimes you may find that the event keeps getting bigger or more out of control and you may wonder how you are supposed to deal with all of that trouble. You have to come up with where you plan to hold your event, the possible themes, the possible decorations, the type of food and the kinds of supplies that you will need in order to run an event. This must each be done within your budget and it keeps getting smaller. You may want to get yourself an assistant, with an assistant you don't end up with the emotional breakdowns that come when you mess up your event that you worked so hard to accomplish.

The next problem that you may find will drive you completely crazy is the fact that you must find food for the event. You can have a catering service come out to do your event but you will want to ensure that you have a written contract that has everything that you need and want spelled out for you and the caterer. The contract will contain the food you and the people at the event want to eat and it may also contain the types of drinks that you want as well. You will want the contract to tell the caterers what you want and what you need.

The third problem that you may want to deal with as soon as possible is getting everything in writing as soon as possible. You will want to get contracts signed and get to work quickly. These contracts will be a protection for you and your staff, you will need to have it in writing what you are paying these people and what work each person is doing for you. It will also protect you from others taking advantage of you when you are done with the event, or someone telling you that you owe them more than you actually owe them for the work that they have done.

The fourth problem is your budget, it is important that you set and stick to a budget when planning your event. The best way to do this is to set an average for the events, keep normal prices in a book of notes, and use the same suppliers and caterers for each event you throw. These will allow you to have some idea of how much everything will cost and let you set averages. If you set an average amount you will have a great idea about how much you can spend and what corners will need to be cut should you need to expand the event.

The final problem to watch out for is being to relaxed during the planning of the event, many may plan the event in advanced and it will cause them to relax a week or two before the event, however it is better to stay on top of the event, making sure that everything you need is ready, and everyone who is supposed to show up is prepared to do there job the day of the event. You can find a way to relax once you have accomplished your event and everything is perfect.

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Comments (6)

yes it is good to keep all these things in mind

One of my niece is working at the Nestle company and this is exactly her work, but she got no problem on the budget. Email this informative article to her the soonest.

Wise and well supplied information from beginning of that event.

I experience planning an event. A death anniversary of my mother. Thanks for more tips. Voted up.

Excellent points addressed here, thanks for the info.

Written Contract is what i always take care of since i messed last event.But thanks for mentioning other points too:)

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