Cedarville University Student Body Donates 3,276 Pairs of Shoes
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Cedarville University Student Body Donates 3,276 Pairs of Shoes

The freshman class of Cedarville university organized "Shoeless Thursday" and donated 3,276 pairs of shoes to help the over 1 billion shoeless people worldwide.

Have you counted the shoes in the bottom of your closet lately? The average girl between 13 and 16 years of age own an average of 15 pairs of shoes. The average young lady between 16 and 21 years of age own an average of 25 to 40 pairs of shoes. The mature lady between 25 and 40 years of age own an average of 40 to 60 pairs of shoes. If you are an average guy, you probably have 3 pairs of shoes in the bottom of your closet. So this question is directed at all you ladies reading this: “Do you really need all those shoes when there are over more than 1 billion people worldwide do not have even a single pair of shoes to wear?”

It Happened on “Bare Foot Thursday”

The announcement was made the preceding morning, at the beginning of the daily chapel service, the policy was going to be “No shoes, No service” tomorrow morning. Palmer Chinchen, pastor of the Grove Baptist church in Chandler, Arizona was to be the guest speaker that morning. For several years, Chinchen had made it his mission to bring that number (the 1 billion shoeless worldwide down). The students were urged to take off their shoes as they entered the chapel the next morning and donate them to help the shoeless of the world.

The Cedarville’s Freshman Class Organized “Barefoot Thursday”

Every year, Chinchin held a “Barefoot Sunday” service at his church in Chandler, the one day of the year when Chichin asked his parishioners to go barefoot and to donate the shoes they had worn to church that morning to the world’s shoeless. According to Chinchin, the people attending Chichin’s church in Chandler donated 4000 pairs of shoes last year. The student body at Cedarville almost matched that figure by donating 3,276 pairs of shoes.

Chinchin Felt Humbled and Encouraged

Chinchin felt humbled and encouraged because the Cedarville Freshman class was the first college class ever to organize such an event. Some of the students dropped one or two pairs of shoes on the donations pile that Thursday morning, while other walked in carrying garbage bags full of shoes. Some students confessed that they had closets full of shoes that they never wore and were going to donate them all to the cause. “I have so many shoes, and I’m not even a shoe person,” said Ashley Worsham, a first-year graphic-design major. “So many people have nothing.”

My question to you again

Do you ladies really need all those shoes that are cluttering up the bottoms of your closets? Why not get with the pastor of your church and organize a “Shoeless Sunday” of your own? The shoeless people of the world need those shoes more than you need them.

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Comments (5)

Wonderful idea, great cause and outpouring of caring people that you have shared in this article. I am below average in the shoe dept. but this is a solid idea.

Very interesting topic, Jerry. This is not only interesting, but very well executed.

I guess I am not the average girl, I have fewer than 10 pairs of shoes, which is more than I want already. Good for those who donated their shoes.

One of our two great communication networks regularly distributes slippers in poor rural areas for children because children there go to school with worn-out slippers or even bare foot, thoughtful one Jerry.

I have been thinking of this article all day. Now I am returning with a well deserved vote up.