Charities Started By Children and In Honor of A Child
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Charities Started By Children and In Honor of A Child

We often overlook the good in our children and our youth. Children have begun charity organizations to help others.

Today, there with the economy the way it is, not only are both parents having to work, but some are working more than one job. Our society is losing children to crime, juvenile delinquency, and drugs. Parents are losing control of their children. We, as a society, often say, “Look at the youth of today. In our day, we would never think of doing what they are doing.”

There are those, in spite of their own diversities, have worked to help others. These kids, either themselves have started charitable organizations to raise awareness of societal problems, and childhood diseases. Some children are way to small or ill to help others, but their friends and families have stepped in to do the work for them. These are only a few of the “Little Hero's” in our world of turmoil today.

Hannah's motto: “Nobody should have to eat out of a garbage can.”

The Lady Bug Foundation was started by a 5 year-old by the name of Hannah. Hannah began her quest, after seeing a homeless person eating from the pickings that they found in a garbage can. Her mission is to help the homeless. Not only does she strive to help the homeless, but to raise awareness of the problem. She wants to make people who are more fortunate, realize that they could be among the homeless tomorrow.

Fighting Childhood Cancer with Lemonade

Alexandra Scott (Alex), a four year-old began her quest to fight childhood cancer with a lemonade stand in the front of her Philadelphia home. She sold her lemonade for $1. In the year 2000, the first day that her little lemonade stand was open, Alex raised $2,000. ALSF (Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation) was started by her parents to continue the fund-raising for childhood cancer research, in the year 2005. Alex lost her battle to childhood cancer at the age of 8, in 2004. Today, from June 10-12 is a day for others to sell lemons, open their lemonade stands to continue the battle against Childhood Cancer nationwide. Alex's native home is in the City of Philadelphia. Philadelphia also has specific dates in June which are dedicted to Alex's fundraising efforts when merchants and citizens alike work to raise money for research. Today, Alex's Lemonade Stand has raised over $40 million dollars. Go to her site and see the dates for other actitivities and fundraising efforts.

Friends and Families Work for The Cure: Their Little Ones Are Just Too Young

Some of the children who have been stricken with disease, are too young to raise awareness and to raise funds for research and a cure. SMA is a disease which strikes babies, who may not live past the age of 2. Therefore, friends and families have begun nonprofit organizations in the name of their child. Sophia's Cure is one such organization.

Ryan White

Ryan White should not be overlooked. Today, so many people are dying from AIDS, through the use of dirty needles and drug use, among other reasons. Ryan, unlike many of our youth, did not have that choice to make. Ryan was a young man, who had been stricken with hemophilia. Because of the lack of blood testing, Ryan contracted this deadly disease through a blood transfusion in 1984. Ryan died before he ever had the chance to graduate from high school in 1990. There has been various foundations set up in his honor to fight AIDS.

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