Raise Money with a Mardi Gras Fundraiser
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Raise Money with a Mardi Gras Fundraiser

Raise money for your organization with a Mardi Gras fundraiser. If you're tired of bake sales and car washes this may be the celebration that you need. It almost always guarantees success. A Mardi Gras party fundraiser can be tailored to fit any budget.

Organizations can raise money with a Mardi Gras fundraiser as an annual event. The celebration can be as complicated or as simple as you want. As it grows, more fundraising areas can be added that will help keep people coming back.

You will need:

  • Venue
  • Decorations
  • Food
  • Volunteers
  • Auction items (if any).
  • DJ (Volunteer or professional)


The first thing that you want to do to raise money with a Mardi Gras fundraiser is to plan an authentic menu. Scour the internet or ask someone who is familiar with this celebration for ideas. Your menu can range from heavy appetizers to full sit down dinner or buffet. Generally, it’s best to start slow for your first event and upgrade later.


You will want to keep the traditional colors of purple, green and gold when you plan to money with a Mardi Gras fundraiser.

Decorating doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. Go with what fits your budget and volunteers.

Purple, green and gold napkins and plastic ware can be part of the decorating scheme.

Beads are a staple for any Mardi Gras party. Place them on tables around a plant with bushy green leaves and purple flowers. Surround this with gold foil wrapped candy. Alternatively, you can use prepared decorations.


When planning to raise money with a Mardi Gras fundraiser you’ll want to work with your DJ to create a songlist with a wide variety of music. Songs will should be selected that everyone at the party can enjoy at one moment or another.


You need to know how many people to plan for. Plus, you need some operating funds to buy food and decorations. Selling tickets is a good way to accomplish both. You will still need a few meals for people who show up at the door. Advertising these tickets with an upcharge will encourage people to buy early.


Press releases, newsletters, blogs and other forms of social media are great ways to get the word out. You’ll need to keep the party date in front of people so that they won’t forget.

Silent auctions

Many businesses are willing to donate items to the silent auction of any worthwhile charity. Ask the companies for them as far in advance as possible. The items may come from their current stock selection or from discontinued merchandise. Almost every item helps. Small items can be used as door prizes or put together as part of a basket.

Live auctions

When looking at how to raise money with a Mardi Gras fundraiser you may want to consider a live auction. Generally, you’ll have one or more large items that generate excitement. Ask an auctioneer to donate services in exchange for plugs for the auction company. This adds authenticity and even more excitement.


Be sure that everything is put away, borrowed items are returned and the venue is cleaner than you found it.

Thank you

Thank you notes are important when you raise money with a Mardi Gras fundraiser.

Assemble as a team the following week. Hand write any thank you notes that need to be sent. Discuss what worked, what didn’t and plan your dreams for the event for the next year.

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