What You Can Expect To Do At A Local Event Known As A Festival
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What You Can Expect To Do At A Local Event Known As A Festival

What to plan to do at a festival.

There are several kinds of festivals, church festivals, civic festivals and cultural festivals. A festival is a celebration of some important event, community awareness or ethnic awareness that is held in the United States. In other countries, festivals are held to celebrate a religious period, a saint's birthday or celebrating Independence and freedom. For whatever reason a festival is held the celebration involves the sharing of the spirit behind the celebration through activities. one of which is eating. All festivals seem to follow similar planned eating methods. There are the full course menu offerings that involved buying tickets and being seated at a table and the sampling of various foods by walking and eating from one area of the festival to the next.

Since festivals also include dancing and singing exhibitions, a festival participant should plan on getting a good seat close to near where the entertainment will be given and then buying his food. Always be prepared to eat ethnic or what is now politically correct to call cultural food. Don't be pressured into eating any foods that you feel uncomfortable about eating. A festival is meant to be enjoyed and part of that enjoyment is to go home healthy without any major digestive disturbance.

The full course menus offered at festival include main dishes and entrees. Usually, one has to buy his dinner and then find another area that is selling beverages. Desserts at festivals are sometimes like bake sales and one can go through a huge variety of pastries, cookies and cakes before finding the dessert that looks appealing. An important thing to remember when eating at a festival is not to over indulge in desserts as the main dishes are usually very heavy and satisfying. Planning on taking desserts home is usually a part of going to a festival and if one has people at home who couldn't make it to the festival are nice ways of sharing the festival with shut ins or with those who have to work while a festival is being held.

A point to remember when planning to eat a festival is that one is not expected to eat if one has dietary restrictions. A festival is a time of group sharing which includes eating since eating has been a group ritual since Eve.  What can you expect to do at a local affair advertised as a festival is to eat.  You should prepare yourself by going a little hungry to be able to sample the various offerings.  If you don't eat, no one will care but you will have missd out on a chance to socialize in an creature sense with others. 

You might find festivals that are centered around musicals or Elizabethan plays or even Irish St. Patrick's Day.  The theme of the festival will change but the structure of the festival centers around sharing an event or a cultural experience and eating.  The food offered will be connected in some way with the theme and that is what makes festivals a very very popular form of entertainment. 

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